Trust Your Case to Local Howard County Attorneys

Trusting your case to a local Howard County attorney has many advantages.

A Local Attorney has Familiarity with the Local Court System and Courthouse Culture

No matter what roles they play in the courtroom, attorneys, judges, and prosecutors are people with their own ideas, preferences, and pet peeves. As local Howard County attorneys, we know the people involved and how they have handled similar situations in the past and it is invaluable in many ways. For instance, some arguments are more persuasive to one judge than to another.

Similar to states, each court has its own rules of practice, and some rules are more faithfully adhered to by one court and lesser applied by another one. It is important for you to have a local attorney who understands these distinctions. A non-local attorney can quickly offend the judge and draw a rebuke for not knowing a particular rule.

Rules can range from whether to stand when addressing the judge to knowing who must appear at a hearing. What it comes down to is there are simply too many courts with too many rules to know them all. A local Howard County attorney will understand the rules of the local court better than a visiting attorney ever will.

Knowing the Right People and Pushing the Right Buttons

As local Howard County attorneys, we have good contacts with the local police and government agencies and understand the value of good rapport and a good reputation. Local attorneys are more likely to take special care to maintain a positive reputation in their home court. They are more likely to come prepared with a thorough, strategic approach to advance your rights and case.

Convenient Location, Lower Cost and Greater Access

There is something to be said for being able to travel from our Law Office to the Court in a matter of minutes. The convenience of being on your attorney’s home turf can make the process less stressful. With us, local Howard County attorneys, there will be no traveling costs charged to you. These can include travel tickets, hotel costs, and meals. When hiring us you will not incur these expenses. As local Howard County attorneys, we are always in town. We are available to see you as much as needed, will make as many jailhouse visits or hospital visits as necessary for your peace of mind.

Kim & Grillo Law has a proven record of handling serious legal matters in Howard County, Maryland. We have over 40 collective years of experience serving clients just like you and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-notch representation in the toughest of cases and will fight for the best result.