September 25, 2020

The Attorneys at Kim|Grillo Law get REAL results for our clients!

  1. A client charged with Malicious Destruction of Property for pouring vinegar on a relative’s bed, clothes, and Air Jordans over a family dispute was found NOT GUILTY in the District Court for Howard County.
  2. A client charged with theft from CVS by allegedly trying to use a stolen gift card was found NOT GUILTY in the District Court for Howard County.
  3. A man charged with First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault was RELEASED on his own recognizance from the Prince George’s County Detention Center after bond was revoked for being charged on a separate crime.
  4. A NOT GUILTY after a trial for Malicious Destruction of Property for a client accused of throwing a mug out of a car and hitting another car causing extensive damage.
  5. A client’s case put on the STET (or inactive) docket for assaulting two patrons of a restaurant and being charged with two counts of Second Degree Assault.
  6. A client was found NOT GUILTY on all counts for going 135 MPH on I-95. Yes, 135 miles per hour. Not only was he charged with speeding, but he was charged with Reckless and Negligent Driving. All NOT GUILTY.
  7. A client was found NOT GUILTY in the District Court for Frederick County after being charged with a DWI and various related charges after being involved in an accident. This NOT GUILTY was very important due to his immigration status.
  8. A client charged with Second Degree Assault was found NOT GUILTY in the District Court for Baltimore County when the attorneys at Kim|Grillo showed the State could not prove our client tried to stab the alleged victim.
  9. A client with 44 points on his driving record had his case DISMISSED for a charge of driving with a revoked license.
  10. A young man who wanted to have his NOL PROS expunged, or erased, from his record was able to get it expunged even though the State wanted to keep him from clearing his record.
  11. A client charged with violating his probation for consistently blowing high on his interlock was found NOT GUILTY after a trial in the Circuit Court for Howard County.
  12. A client charged with multiple counts of 2nd Degree Burglary in Anne Arundel County was RELEASED on a low bond from Jennifer Road, and then RELEASED again from Howard County Detention Center on separate charges on another low bond.

These results are cases from the last two weeks! Please call us at  410-730-1020 or 301-676-6045 with any of your legal needs for the best representation throughout Maryland.

by Kim|Grillo Law September 25, 2020

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