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When the police have a warrant for your arrest, you have serious legal trouble on your hands. You are in immediate danger of getting arrested if you are caught by the police with a warrant on your record. If you believe there is a warrant out for your arrest, the time to hire a lawyer for your defense is now! Sadly, many people get hit with a warrant based on flimsy evidence or because of circumstances outside of their control. Once the legal system is paying attention to you as a potential criminal, your freedom is at stake. A warrant gives officers the authority to make you play by their rules. Fight back by getting a lawyer on your side to negotiate with the court so you can avoid arrest and get your affairs in order before you proceed with your case.

What Is A Warrant?

Arrest and Bench warrants are documents which grant law enforcement officers the right to arrest you and bring you before a judge or magistrate. The two types of warrants are different in what gives rise to them, but they are similar in how they must be addressed.

Bench warrants are issued when you are required to appear before the court, and you do not show. They are far and away the most common type of warrants. Unlike arrest warrants, bench warrants do not require probable cause that you committed a crime. Your failure to appear is enough to have this type of warrant issued for your arrest. This means that you do not have to be accused of a crime to receive a bench warrant. If there is a bench warrant out for your arrest a lawyer may be able to negotiate with the court to explain your circumstances before you get arrested. You do not want to get a criminal record just because you forgot a court date.

Arrest warrants occur when a police officer writes a sworn statement saying there is probable cause to believe you committed a crime, a judge reviews his statement and may write a warrant for your arrest. A police officer can rely on things like hearsay and accusations when authoring his sworn statement. Probable cause is a very low threshold and arrest warrants are routinely issued with shockingly thin evidence. While this evidence may not be enough for the state to proceed with a case against you, you will still get an arrest on your record if you are caught.

If you or a loved one has a bench warrant or an arrest warrant, contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. The sooner we can get access to your case file, the stronger our chances of getting you a favorable result.