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Maryland Probation Violation Attorneys

If you are convicted of a crime, you may be placed on probation. Probation is defined as “the suspension of the imposition or execution of a jail sentence and the order of conditional and revocable release in the community.” Essentially, when you choose to be placed on probation, you get a shorter jail sentence at the time of your conviction, but you can be on the hook for more jail if you violate your probation later.

What is a Probation Violation?

When a person is placed on probation, they are given “Probation Terms.” A probation term is an order to do or refrain from doing something. (Examples include “Pay $50 fine to the Court” or “Do not drive with any alcohol in your system.”) Every person placed on probation in Maryland is ordered that they must violate no law. Being arrested or convicted of a new crime, failing to pay fines and fees, failing to report to your probation officer, failing to pay restitution, or failing to do court ordered rehab or community service are all common bases for probation violations.

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