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Maryland Fraud/ Contract Fraud/ Embezzlement/ Identity Theft Attorneys

When people hear the words fraud, contract fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft they tend to imagine sophisticated financial crimes committed by Wall Street elites and morally bankrupt banking CEOs. However, the legal definition of these crimes is much broader than that and captures the conduct of regular everyday people.

A person acts fraudulently when he or she takes undue advantage of another person (like their employer) or causes a loss to that person by breaching a duty, trust or confidence. (A bank teller has a duty to accurately report all deposits and to not take the money. If the bank teller takes the money, they have likely committed an embezzlement).

A person commits identity theft when they pretend to be someone else when they’re bonding someone out of jail, when they’re writing or signing a document intending the document to be legally effective, or when committing any kind of civil wrong or crime.

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